NOTE: For some reason the WebGL build crashes when you try to return to the menu from in game. We have no idea why this is, or how to fix it. The windows build does not have this issue. Any advice on how to fix it would be appreciated.

So many stealth games have you lurking in the shadows, avoiding obviously telegraphic view cones, and stealing stuff for no reason beside to be a nuisance.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like to play from the other side?

In stop the heist, you control a Head Guard who can see through the eyes of all other Guards in the Building, and it is your job to Stop the Thief.

The First phase is Setup. Drag your guards around the Museum, set there patrol routes, and investigate the grounds.

The Second phase is Midnight. The Thief breaks in, and you have to catch him using the Guards. Left click to command selected guards to a location, Right click to select Guards. Q to select all, and E to deselect all. Press space at any time, or the pause button in the corner, to pause time and re route the guards.


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